"I hired a Setter and he did over $100K in his first month. Then I hired another and he had 13 sets his first day. Big shoutout to Luke."


Agency Owner

"Closify quickly came in and filled that gap with seasoned and experienced sales guys, that are reliable and get insane close rates."

Anthony "Toozer" Matusiak

Ecom & Business Solutions

"If you're looking for closers and setters I highly recommend you use Closify. Great product, great team. Major shoutout to Luke!"

Jacob Levinrad

Investor, Business Operations

"Working with Closify has been nothing short of amazing. The recruitment process was so easy."

Arnav Srivastv

Syncom Media

"Through Closify, we found an all-star Closer who already closed $200K in sales, almost all collected, in just 4 weeks."

Luke Lintz

Highkey Enterprise

"On the very first try I found an awesome long-term closer, who is already getting the job done in their first week on board."


Social Media Consulting

“May be one of the best solutions out there for other marketing agencies.”

Jared Curry

Multi-Agency Owner

“Closify freed up a load of time that allows me to work ON the business rather than IN the business.”


Agency Owner

“The sales rep they placed with us has done over multiple six figures in a couple months in sales”

Kendall Shaw

Founder & CMO of Seven Figure Solar

“If you are a coach, consultant, agency, high ticket service and you need closers in your business, Closify is absolutely the best."

Vova Tess

Agency Owner

“Two days later my Closer was onboarded and he’s f***ing crushing it”


Agency Owner

“I brought on two reps which have now become senior executives, and we’ve closed almost half a million dollars in business with them."

Will Basta

CRO & Co-Founder of Ascend Ecom

“Sped up my process and helped me find someone who was a perfect fit for my SAAS company”


Monetari Fund

"This was the first time I've ever had a sales rep absolutely crush it on their very first day."

Jacob Martinez

Agency Owner

"Closify is the number one sales hiring platform in the world. Think Fiverr meets Tinder, but only for sales reps."

Luke Alexander

Owner, CEO Closify