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Hire Commission-Only Sales Agents for Your Business.

Close more deals while working less.

 Closify helps you recruit, hire, and manage high ticket, commission-only sales reps for your business.

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How We Help

Remove Yourself From Your Business While Closing More Deals.

What would your business look like if those 30 hours were focused on growing the business and building new systems and improving service delivery rather than on the phone? Your business will explode! You'll get the dopamine hit from seeing stripe notifications pop up on your phone more often without taking a single call. Closify's purpose is to get business owners off the phone all day. The average agency owner spends 30 hours per week on sales calls, but it doesn't have to be that way thanks to Closify.
Total Revenue Closed
Closify closers have closed an astounding combined $16.9M over the last 3 years.
Average Close Rate
The average close rate of Closify Closers is 22% higher than the industry standard.
We were up 100% after six months working with Closify"
Joe Hume
Closify Client

Check out These Closify Stats.

Total Revenue Generated By Closify For Our Clients
Average Deal Size Closed By Closify's Sales People
Average Close Rate From Closify Closers
The Ultimate Sales Solution

Find Experienced Closers on Closify's Custom Platform.

Hire proven, commission-only salespeople in less than seven days and close more deals.
How It Works

Scaling With Closify Is Simple.

We make it easy to hire, onboard, and manage commission-only sales reps. We do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so that way you can focus on what business owners should focus on, growing the business.


Interview Closers.

There are dozens of tried and tested closers to interview within our platform.


Add Closers To Your Team.

Add verified closers to your team in a single click.


Book Calls to Their Calendar.

We generate a custom scheduling link for you, now just let closers do what they do best, close.
Sit back and enjoy! 🎉
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Recruit, Hire and Manage Verified Closers In One Click.
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Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

Send any questions to hello@tryclosify.com
Are The Sales Reps Completely Commission Based?
Yes, we have recruited over 1,000 sales reps that are wanting to work purely on commission.
Can We Hire More Than One Sales Rep?
Yes, we build this platform so that you would be able to build out your entire sales team using Closify/
What if I'm Unhappy With Closify?
If for any reason you're unhappy with your Closify membership, just email us at support@tryclosify.com and we will make sure it's resolved!
Do You Only Work With Marketing Agencies?
Nope! We work with any business that sells a high ticket product or service and has inbound leads. We work with agency owners, info product sellers, coaches, consultants, etc!